Sonoma Meals is a tastier, healthier, and more thoughtful alternative to deli take out or frozen meals delivered straight to your door.

Get the scoop on our sizes here! 

$18 $10 $8 $8 $6
$35 $15 $15
$45 $16 $24 $23

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Chic Tenders
Mac & Cheese
$14 $9 $5 $5
$21 $18 $9 $9
 $28 $30 $15 $15

 The Details

Our menu selections change weekly and many items can be modified to be vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or dairy free. We deliver our meals freshly made, chilled, and ready for you to reheat or freeze.

PriceCatEntree Entrees
Each week we offer 3 different entrees. Many dishes can be modified for dietary preferences.
PriceCatVegeMid Salads
There will always be two seasonal salads offered every week.
PriceCatSoup Soups
Two soups are offered every week. One will always be vegetarian
PriceCatDessert Desserts
Mason jar bake at home cakes and crisps. Sold as individual servings.
PriceCatSideDishes Sides
Every week we will have 2-4 sides offered. There will always be at least one veggie side.
PriceCatSpecial Specials
Often, we will offer something completely new. These items are priced differently and will be explained when they are on the menu.

Subscription Service:

Subscription service is for clients who commit to one month’s worth of meals at a time.  Subscription service clients must also pay for the meals one month at a time.  As a thank you to our subscription clients, we offer a nice discount on the months’ meals.

Small Family $360/month; $90/week ($32 saved)
Feeds 1 adult and 1 small child (ages 5 and under)
3 small entrees/week
3 small sides or soups/week (you can mix and match)
2 small salads/week

Medium Family $660/month; $165/week ($68 saved)
Feeds 2 adults and 2 small children (ages 5 and under)
3 medium entrees/week
3 medium sides or soups/week (you can mix and match)
2 large salads/week

Large Family $860/month; $215/week ($84 saved)
Feeds 2 adults and 2 older children (ages 5 and over)
3 large entrees/week
3 large sides or soups/week (you can mid and match)
2 large salads/week