Our menu changes weekly, keeping both you and us from getting bored! Ordering and delivery is a breeze.


Every Friday the menu is emailed out and posted to our website. Orders for delivery the following Tuesday will need to be in by Friday at 3pm (this gives you nearly a week to decide on what you would like to order for the next week). For example the first delivery date is Tuesday September 2nd. I will post that week’s menu Friday August 23rd. You will have until Friday August 28th to place your order for delivery Tuesday September 2nd. We are then able to pick up our produce from the local farmers markets and have your meals ready for delivery on Monday! We have very convenient online ordering.  Click on the Order Online link  to start your order.

If you would prefer to order through email, we can do it as well. You can order via email through: orders@sonomameals.com.


Deliveries take place every Monday afternoon between 2-5pm. If you’re not home during the delivery window, don’t worry!  You can either leave a cooler with ice packs out to place your food in or we carry re-usable insulated cooler bags that we can leave outside with ice packs as well.  If you forget to leave your cooler out or just prefer to use ours, you’re covered!! We ask that you not leave the food outside for longer than two hours.  Alternately, we can deliver to your place of work as long as it’s within our delivery area!

If you decide to use our re-usable cooler bags and ice packs we ask that you leave the previous weeks cooler bag and ice packs outside for pick up. There will be a $10 charge for the cooler bag and ice packs if they are not returned! We’re happy to cancel or refund the charge upon their return

Delivery Areas

Currently we are delivering in the town of Sonoma and outlying areas. If you’re not sure if you are in our radius, please email us at orders@sonomameals.com and we’ll be happy to tell you. If you know you’re not in our radius but really want delivery, send us an email and we’ll try to accommodate!

Minimum Order

We require a minimum of $50 for delivery.


We take visa, mastercard and debit cards. If you would prefer to pay by check, please order via email at orders@sonomameals.com and we will arrange to pick up the check


We require cancelations to be made at least 48 hours prior to delivery. If you cancel less than 48 hours before delivery you will be charged $20.

Gift Meals

This is the perfect gift for a friend or family member who is sick, too busy or just had a baby. Upon ordering your gift meal, be sure to put the recipients address as the delivery address and let them know when to expect their delivery! Alternately, if you would prefer them to do the ordering themselves, please contact us about gift certificates!

There is still a minimum of $50 for delivery, plus we have a surcharge of $10 for the reusable cooler bag and ice packs that they get to keep!

Subscription Service Ordering

If you would like to order any of the 3 subscription services, first click on Order Online.  Next go through the online ordering, selecting your chosen subscription service, place it into your shopping cart and finally check out. Once your order has been paid for, you will receive an email from us confirming your order.  Every week we will email you the following weeks menu and ask you for that weeks selections.  Towards the end of your monthly subscription we will send you a reminder email to renew.  There’s no pressure to renew…we just want to make sure you don’t miss a week of delivery if you forgot to re-subscribe.  If it’s easier, you can always add multiple monthly subscriptions to your cart, for multiple months.  Please email if you have any questions: orders@sonomameals.com.