Do you accommodate dietary requests?
We are happy to accommodate dietary requests whenever possible. Please let us know before ordering if you have special requests and we’ll let you know what is possible. There is also a guide next to each menu item letting you know if it is vegetarian (V), vegan(VN), gluten free(GF), or dairy free(DF).

What is the subscription service?
We love feeding you week after week!! If you decide you want us to feed you every week, we offer a subscription service. In order to qualify you must order a month (4 weeks) at a time. You’ll save a little money and won’t have to cook and do dishes most of the week!

Can I cancel part of a subscription service if I’m going to be out of town?
You can always cancel your subscription. However, if you are not doing a full month (4 weeks) of service, the subscription price will not apply to that month. Instead we will charge you the normal prices. As soon as you’re ready to do 4 weeks in a row again, we’re happy to re-sign you up!

Do I need to be home for delivery?
You do not need to be home for delivery. There are a couple of different options for delivery. If you want to leave a key hidden or a door open, we are happy to put everything directly in your fridge. We can also leave everything in a cooler bag with ice packs outside. You are also welcome to leave your own cooler and ice packs outside for the delivery. If you’re not home for delivery, we request that you refrigerate your meals within 2 hours of the drop off. Alternately, we can deliver to your place of work as long as it’s within our delivery area!

Can I freeze my meals?
We will indicate which meals are freezable both on the website and on the packaging! It’s recommended that you use your frozen meals within 3 months of ordering for maximum freshness!!

How do I reheat my meals?
You will be given reheating instructions for all of your meals with the exception of salads and soups!

Can I use a microwave?
Our entrée and side dish packaging is microwave friendly. We do not recommend putting the soup containers in the microwave. We do not give directions for reheating in the microwave as we highly recommend using a conventional oven.

What kind of packaging do you use?
All of our packaging is disposable for convenience. However, the majority of it is made from natural fibers that are GMO free and compostable. All of our soups and a few entrees will be packaged in plastic. The soup containers are semi-reusable and for you to keep!

Where do you source your food from?
We try to buy as much as possible locally. Sonoma County has so many great farms and food artisans. We love supporting them and feeding you! Check out our link, partners we love, to see which farms, companies and artisans we’re currently using. If you know of someone you think we should use, please contact us!!

Is everything organic?
We try to buy locally before we buy organic, so not everything will be organic. However all of our meat, poultry and fish is sustainably fed, raised and fished! We wouldn’t serve something we wouldn’t eat ourselves;)

Can I send meals as a gift?
Absolutely! This is the perfect gift for a friend or family member who is sick, too busy or just had a baby. Upon ordering your gift meal, be sure to put the recipients address in the delivery address and let them know when to expect their delivery! Alternately, if you would prefer them to do the ordering themselves, please contact us about gift certificates! You can learn more about gifting meals under the Logistics tab of the website!