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Sarah Pinkin


Sarah Ellison Pinkin has been cooking since she was old enough to pull a stool up to the kitchen counter. Growing up overseas and traveling extensively exposed her to the cuisines of the world and re-enforced her love of cooking.

She attended the California Culinary Academy in 2003 and earned a degree in Culinary Arts. From there she has worked in restaurants, catering, and corporate dining. After ten years of professional cooking she is eager to venture out on her own and cook for Sonoma families what she cooks at home!

Sarah is married with 2 children and has lived in wonderful Sonoma for 5 years. She enjoys reading, running, spending time with her kids, and of course cooking.

Veronica  Fontana


Veronica Fontana, an interpreter by training with fluency in 4 languages, is a native of Mendoza, Argentina, grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and traveled extensively in Europe and Southeast Asia.

Having grown up learning her grandmother’s special home recipes and later, from talented chefs around the world, Veronica developed a talent for replicating their flavors as well as a unique appreciation for global cuisine and how it was the uniting center of strong family ties around the world.

Her unique global exposure and food creativity talents bring an exotic So. American complement to the home style flavor of Sonoma Meals

Married with 2 children, Veronica is a dedicated wife & mother and continues to enjoy traveling, teaching, biking and of course, great family meals. She currently resides in Sonoma, California.